September   14,2020

Security Certificate and why its important for your website

By Clearo Tech , Corporate, SEO, WordPress

What is a security certificate and why it is important for your website?

What is a security certificate?

A security certificate is a certified license, that shows ‘secure’ message in the browser, that you or your customers open your website within i.e. Google, Bing, Firefox etc. When your website is accessed. It is really important to make sure all your links are running under https in your website, as Google will automatically show websites that are running under ‘http’ as ‘Not Secure’.

This sign will be visible to all the users who visit your websites, as Google penalises the websites that do not run under https, as per the updated GDPR rules and Google’s new policy.

‘Not Secure’ – is not something you want your visitors to see, as this puts them off, and shows them what ever data they will be inputting in your website via a ‘contact us’ form. It will not be kept secure.

Therefore, keep an eye out and get an SSL installed in your website.

Here’s how you can get started.

  1. Contact Us today
  2. The SSL certificate gets renewed every year, so annual renewal charges apply, but we take care of this for you!
  3. We will need your admin panel details of your websites and hosting (Where you are hosting your website) details to get this done.

End Result: This will ensure your website is ranking higher up, in major search engines like Google & Bing, and your customers know they are secure whilst visiting your website.

We have installed SSL certificates on all of our client’s websites, so contact us today.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on SSL and how we can help install this within your website. Contact us today or email us at