October   25,2020

What makes a Website STAND OUT!

By Clearo Tech , Web Design, WordPress

Here’s a few pointers…

What makes a Website STAND OUT!

Here’s a few pointers, to help you assess where your website stands, and what needs to be done to help your website STAND OUT to your customers!

  1. Make it look BEAUTIFUL
    • Don’t compromise on the design of your website. The design of your website shows the quality of services you provide!
  2. It need to be RESPONSIVE – Means your website should work on all devices!

  1. Don’t overload your website homepage with too many IMAGES or too much TEXT. This will DRIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS AWAY. 
  2. Any contact forms used in your website, needs to WORK if they don’t, YOUR LOSING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

Want to update your website, contact us today, we’ll make sure your website reflects your brand & the services you provide. After all it’s about the QUALITY OF THE WEBSITE NOT THE QUANTITY(i.e using lots of text & images)


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